Here’s what people are saying about Emmy and Real Good Nutrition.



I have always struggled with knowing how to eat healthy. I use to think that the meals I was cooking were healthy, but never saw the results in my weight or overall health. My goals in meeting with Emmy were to learn how to eat to fuel my body and to understand recipes and ingredients so that I can cook healthier meals. She helped me understand how to plan meals for the week, which included how to structure my eating throughout the day and taught me what to look for and avoid in recipes. I used her grocery store consultation to learn how to read labels and substitute unhealthy recipe ingredients. Working with Emmy I learned not only how to cook better, healthier, more rounded dishes, I feel so much better knowing what I am putting in my body is good!


When my annual physical revealed some surprising news about my cholesterol levels, I wasn't sure what to do. Emmy helped interpret my test results and offered realistic solutions for my diet that were based on my food preferences. My doctor didn't give me any of this information. Emmy helped me feel empowered to make changes for my health, and I'm really grateful to her.


I suddenly found myself dealing with GERD, AKA acid reflux. It came on quickly and was pretty uncomfortable. Not to mention that the standard advice--don't eat X and Y and Z--is so limiting. I wanted to talk with someone who's a gut expert, and Emmy was a great find. She gave me a rundown of good options, and she helped explain what was going on. She's a great listener, and she brings a human approach to the treatment--unlike GI docs' "don't eat anymore" approach.


My friends and I had a group session with Emmy to learn about thyroid issues. She presented a realistic approach to thyroid health, giving us healthy food suggestions along with foods to avoid. Honestly, I learned more from Emmy in one session than I had with years of discussions with my doc. She even shared a couple of thyroid-friendly recipes and a pamphlet with healthful reminders. If you have health concerns or just want to learn about healthy nutrition, schedule a session with Emmy!