Meantime Support Policy

"Meantime Support" by Real Good Nutrition refers to the patient's ability to message Emmy questions, etc. or send pictures to Emmy through the Healthie app between appointments. The following details the policy related to this service.

1) Meantime Support is included in the cost of the package.

2) Meantime Support is activated once the patient has booked and confirmed their next appointment. The patient will be able to track any metrics they would like using the Healthie app (i.e. food journal, weight, pictures), but the ability to message with Emmy will not be active without a subsequent appointment booked and confirmed.

3) Meantime Support will not continue after a package has expired (i.e. zero credits remain on patient's account), and will resume once an additional package is booked.

4) The service of messaging with Emmy between visits is designed to offer additional support to patients between visits. However, in-depth counseling (defined at the provider's discretion) will take place only during initial and follow-up sessions and not via Healthie messaging.

5) Responses from Emmy to messages may take up to 1-2 business days. Response times over the weekend vary. If a patient's question is considered an emergency by the patient, the patient is encouraged to contact their medical provider, doctor, or 911. 

Follow-Up Session Policy

The following details the policy surrounding "Follow-Up Sessions."

1) Each Follow-Up Session purchased as part of a package must be scheduled for a day within 1 month from the time of the previous appointment, unless scheduling conflicts arise. If a patient prefers to schedule appointments at longer increments (i.e. once every 3 months), the duration/frequency of Meantime Support will be coordinated on an individual basis with Emmy.

2) "Meantime Support" is activated following a patient's Initial Assessment as long as the patient's next Follow-Up Session is booked and confirmed. 

Please contact Emmy with any questions or concerns related to these policies.